“Christian’s work changed my life! Growing up I was never taught tools to self-regulate when I felt anxious or “abandoned” by people I love. I would just react to stress and make bad decisions. Christian showed me how to come back to safety and security in my body and soul. If you want to succeed in your relationships book a session with him!” Kenny B. -Corporate Recruiter

I’m not even sure where to begin in describing the value of Christian’s therapeutic bodywork sessions. I’ve had plenty of massage sessions in my life and Christian is easily at the very top of them all.  I was really blown away.  To start with the basics, he knows the body so well and has not only a mastery of the standard techniques that are common, but has so many other amazing techniques I’d never experienced before and that worked wonders for me.  I was experiencing some incredible bliss, and definitely all the tension release that I needed.  Christian also has a well-honed intuitive ability to sense what is going on on a deeper level with the energies of the body.  This just further enhances his ability to really take care of what the body most needs.  And still, that is just the beginning of what he offers.  For anyone who has experienced traumas or difficult incidents in their past that have held them back and caused blocks or limitations in their life, Christian has the skills to help remove this trauma, which gets stored in the body when it happens.  I don’t remember ever having had a bodywork session that did anywhere close to what Christian did in terms of this kind of release.  Many people don’t understand this process and may not realize what’s going on, but I’m telling you, if you want to change your life and become more free and empowered, take the time to understand it and take the plunge.  You might experience strange feelings coming up in the process.  For me it manifested in a fit of burping  (that’s how my body releases old energy), but it’s not even that difficult of an experience in the moment and the results are truly priceless.  Christian understands this healing process inside and out and knows how to catalyze and support it every step of the way.  He is a true master, and I feel that his service is worth several times more than what he charges because it has the power to really change your life at a deep level and allow you to have more peace, joy, freedom, love, and empowerment.  This is a whole other category than what most massage practitioners are capable of delivering.  If you desire and are committed not only to receiving the most amazing massage ever, but also to healing and making major improvements to your life, Christian is a rare and precious resource; anyone would be very fortunate to be graced with his support. Thank You!  Carrie M. – Massage Therapist

As a healer, I can only go so far in liberating myself from pain caused by stuck emotion. Although it had been quite a long time since Christian and I had last seen each other, he was the only practitioner that came to my mind to call for help when I found myself suffering from unearthed grief – that resulted in deep neck pain, back pain and nausea.
I knew that with Christian’s keen, non-judgmental sensitivity and skill, I would be held in a safe, compassionate “container” in which to wail, cry, stretch – do whatever I needed to move this blocked energy. The session was nurturing and nourishing – and accomplished what I had intuitively believed.
Since then, the transformation in my sense of well-being keeps accelerating! I feel lighter, clearer, more empowered and alert – and filled with gratitude! Christian is a gifted healing presence to be sought out without hesitation.   Thank You!!! Tes K. – Singer

I had the pleasure to know and observe Christian Sun Allbert  in the course of his work and can recommend him without any discrepancies with regards to his character and the nature of his personality. He’s an honest man who believes in helping others as he is dedicated to this, within the measures of all possibilities of his knowledge and might for the benefits of witnessing its success. He is also extremely intelligent, open-minded and flexible. In brief, I am delighted to write these few lines about him, in which I wish for you to understand that as Christian gets adapted to his new environment he will become rapidly your best asset. Very Respectfully, Justine L. -Cultural Psychoanalyst

My massage with Christian was deeply healing, nourishing and restorative. My lower back was bothering me and without me saying a thing he tuned in and made an adjustment that brought about instant healing. I highly recommend him. In love and gratitude, Larisa Stow, -Musician

Namaste dear Christian,  I very much appreciated your intuitive knowledge and healing modalities, your sensitivity, knowledge of nutrition and energy, making the client feel safe and nurtured is a wonderful healing experience. Christian knows intuitively when tuning into your energy field, the meridians and chakras within the body, exactly what needs to be healed and what needs to be released. His ability to allow you to be just you, while providing a safe, validating and nurturing space, is a true gift. Christian’s application and technical understanding of many healing modalities, including massage, is profound and only a master can give such deep healing. If you want lasting results, have a session with Christian.                                 Deep Love, -Vasini Devi

Christian is experienced, observant, open and highly intuitive. He has the strength , compassion and control to really “get in there” and eradicate ancient patterns while demonstrating sensitivity to the most subtle energy flows. I recommend him highly … Kent P. Mesplay Ph.D. 

Christian is an extraordinary healer….intuiting exactly what my body needs, my soul craves, and my spirit recognizes as truth. His intuitive presence is steady, reassuring, and empowering as he moves directly into and through the issue before resistance has a chance. As a health coach, I am so grateful to have him as a reliable mirror in my life! One of a kind!  -Deborah Wilder Spiritual Healer

I have worked with the best in different types of healing modalities like Anthony Robins, Hoffman process, Rebirthing, ect…The most impressive thing I found working with Christian is his ability to zero right in on the issue where I was blocked and helped me release it. I have never had so much cleared in so little time. Thank You Christian!  Dr. Star Ladermann

The work with Christian is a powerful blend of listening and inspiring, re-patterning and reminding. With intuition and skill, he greets you at the doorstep where the heart resides. Ariel Talmor – Holistic Reflexologist

There is nothing like a resonant being who can hear you, have presence and be understanding without encouraging the old stories :)….you are really an inspiration for me….you remind me of how incredible and gifted I am and how much I have to share. You speak to the greatest parts of me when I don’t feel so great and need it the most and it mirrors to me the need to get back to that place of flow and radiance. Thank you for helping me to get there – I’m so grateful for your gifts. I know it’s natural for you and hope many others will have the pleasure of working with you as well. – Kimberly Wagner