Menu of Services:

  • AARM (Adult Attachment Repair Model):  Method of repairing childhood traumas thus experiencing  and embodying higher states of well-being and resilience. 
  • Meditative Healing:  An ancient practice by integrating those aspects of self toward harmony, peace, and love.  
  • Qi Gong:  Open’s the energy pathways that awakens self awareness and increases vitality and longevity.
  • Intuitive Body Work: Integrative healing on all levels.
  • Nutrition:  Personalized dietary plans for optimal  health and wellness.
  • Crystal Grid:  Clears out any old stagnant, blocked  dense energies, through breath, color, light, and sound.
  • CommuniTEA: Puerh and Organic hand rolled Green Teas from China exquisite in taste and aromas, infuses you feeling, rejuvenated and peaceful. Gathering of a group setting for a
    “Tea Ceremony”
  • Mens Retreats: Groups or Individual Journeys healing any past traumas, while your higher self is guiding you to show up and move more powerfully as a full spectrum man in this world.

RATES: Sliding Scale $100-$150 hourly

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